The Kingdom of Bhutan opened its doors to tourism only in 1974 under a regulated programme. It is mandatory for visitors to procure Bhutan visa clearance before-hand. The International tourist visa fee is USD40 per person in addition to the government daily tariff fees.

Samden Lhundrup Tour & Travel will arrange all visa clearance letter prior to your arrival in Bhutan.By tourism policy in Bhutan, tour payment has to be wire transferred in advance, without which the Govt. do not approve visitor visa(s). This is one of the steps initiated by the Royal Government in closely keeping the tourism activities regulated. As all such payments has to be routed through the bank account of the Royal Government Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and withheld there until your departure from Bhutan. Payment is reimbursed to us from the Tourism Council of Bhutan only after your Bhutan trip.


International Tourists:

All International Tourists visiting Bhutan must have a (1) a valid visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration of Bhutan and (2) a valid passport with at least 6 months before expiration date, prior to boarding of flight. They are required to produce a copy of the visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration-Bhutan at the time of check-in through Drukair / Bhutan Airlines or entering Bhutan. Any traveler without the valid visa clearance letter will be denied at Check-in counter of Drukair or Bhutan Airlines, and at the immigration of Bhutan.

Indian, Bangladesh, and Maldives Nationals::

All Indian, Bangladesh, and Maldives Nationals visiting Bhutan does not require visa to enter Bhutan. Travel documents required are official passport or voters ID card or Citizenship ID card.